Margaret Sutherland
Flesh & Bone
A Joint Show of New Work by
Margaret Sutherland and Jane Derby

While Margaret Sutherland and Jane Derby have studios beside each other, the art they make couldn't be more different, both in materials as well as subject matter. It was during the course of a casual conversation over tea last fall that they discovered a technically sound and deeply thought provoking thematic link with respect to their current work. At the time, Sutherland was deeply preoccupied with the exploration of flesh and the study of the human figure, while Derby's studies involved the examination of the human skeleton. It was out of this very conversation that the title and idea for this new exhibit, Flesh and Bone, was born. Flesh & Bone, a joint show of new work by Margaret Sutherland and Jane Derby, will be on display at Studio22 from October 29th to November 30th, 2019.